It is important that as a business we have clear values that shape the way we act and deliver our service. It is also important that when we recruit new staff, that they too understand our values and align with them. We have 4 core values that we must ensure are reflected in all of our behaviours as a business.

It is important that we answer all enquiries in a prompt manner. So if a customer calls, we must answer the call promptly and ensure it isn’t missed. We must also be able to attend in a prompt timescale that suits our customers.
Boiler Repairs – If we have a customer who has a boiler that has broken leaving their home with no heating and hot water or is leaking water we aim to attend the same day and complete the boiler repair.
Boiler Replacement – If customers need a new boiler installed as an emergency we offer the option to get an instant boiler quote on our website. Our customers can also arrange for a free home survey on the same day to get an accurate fixed price quote. From the home survey we guarantee to provided a written quote on the same day as the home survey. If a customer chooses to accept the quote we can then guarantee to install the boiler within 48 hours.
Boiler Servicing – sometimes there can be a big urgency to boiler servicing where a customer may be very close to exceeding a 12 month period and therefore at risk of invalidating the boilers guarantee, or maybe selling their house a need the boiler serviced as it is holding up the sale. There are many reasons why this job may also be an emergency so as with all jobs we aim to attend the same day.

Offering a clear and transparent pricing structure really helps our customers understand what they are paying for and why the are paying for it.
Boiler Servicing – this is done at a fixed price of £65 inc VAT so prior to making any contact with us, customers know the cost.
Boiler Repairs – it is very difficult to give an exact cost for a boiler repair without first diagnosing a fault. So we offer a transparent £65 call out charge which covers the diagnoses and first hours labour. If parts are required we explain the material costs with customers and then give a guaranteed fixed price repair cost and this must be agreed before we proceed further with the repair.
Boiler Replacements – an instant boiler quote with a clear description of what is included can be generated on our website within less than a minute. we also provided a free home survey and guaranteed fixed price quotation that is valid for 30 days.

We treat each and everyone with respect and take the time to understand everybody’s individual requirements and needs. When we are working in the homes of our customers, we make every effort to protect their belongings by moving them away from the work area, using dust sheets, flooring protector and wearing overshoe covers. Also we ensure that after during and after each job the homes are left clean and tidy. We take the time to explain things in a way that is easily understandable

We always want to improve the service we deliver and ensure with a continually improving. It is important that we look to embrace technology and working methods to be able to give our customers what they require. To remain the best boiler specialists and live up to our tagline of ‘brilliant with boilers’, we have to be innovative and embrace innovation.

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