We are not Plumbers!

There appears to be some confusion about what a plumber is and what a gas heating engineer is. Quite often people believe it is a plumber that is needed to repair a boiler. Or people may search google for a plumber when they need a boiler service or even a new boiler installed. The truth is that anything related to gas heating you will need a heating engineer or gas engineer.

So where does the confusion come from?
I’m not quite sure to be honest where this confusion comes from. Possibly because there are a lot of companies the call themselves ‘XYZ Plumbing and Heating’ and the truth is they are more than likely plumbing than heating. Also because some plumbers are qualified to work on gas people believe they must be gas engineers. When a plumber completes their apprenticeship the third year is spent studying gas work. So compare this to someone like myself who has spent and additional 2 years training on gas and heating you’d expect a big difference in knowledge.

When I completed my apprenticeship I didn’t do a plumbing apprenticeship. My apprenticeship was in gas installation, servicing and maintenance. Where not only did we study about gas, we also studied in detail about all the different types of heating systems. So I class myself as a gas engineer by trade. I find this area to be very broad and have chosen to specialise in gas boilers as that is where most of my working life as been spent. By doing this I am not spreading myself thinly and can be an expert in boilers.

At GA Services we are boiler specialists. We don’t provide plumbing services. We only provide the best and most responsive boiler service in Plymouth. By being specialist we can provide our customers with exceptional levels of service. We are capable of diagnosing and repairing complex boiler faults rather then telling customers they need to replace their boiler when a repair is possible.

So please don’t call us plumbers.