Worcester Boiler EA Fault Code

This EA fault code is a common fault although there may not be an issue with your boiler. There are some checks you can do yourself to prevent the need to call out a boiler repair engineer. Try to rest the fault first by pressing and holding the rest button for 5 seconds.

Fault Code EA = the boiler has not detected a flame when it has tried to light

Firstly there is no need to panic and think that means gas is just pouring out of your boiler. The EA fault code is an activation of a safety device to prevent any gas being let out when the boiler has failed to light.

So why has the boiler failed to light and showing EA

1. First thing to check is that you have gas. You may have a pre pay meter and the gas may have ran out or your gas may have accidentally been turned off by the on/off handle known as an emergency control valve (ECV). Check any other gas appliances you have to see if they are working as this could be an easy fix yourself – saving you money. If you have credit on your meter, your ECV is facing upwards (in the on position) and your other gas appliances are also affected then you can call the gas emergency service provider on 0800 111 999 as there may be an issue with your gas supply. This is a free service so can save you money of a call out from a gas engineer.
2. Another possible cause for an EA fault could be due to a frozen or blocked condensate pipe. This is the white plastic pipe that runs from the boiler to a drain, quite often outside. During very cold periods like when we had the ‘beast from the east’ last year a huge number of boiler condensate pipes froze preventing the heating and hot water working at the most crucial times. You can defrost this pipe using warm water and you can reset the boiler and it should work. To prevent it freezing the pipe should be ran in 32mm wast pipe and preferably lagged to prevent freezing. Or even better it should terminate internally in to a drain.
3. To diagnose the fault further once you have ruled out the above you would then need a qualified gas safe registered heating engineer who is competent in boiler repairs to diagnose the fault. Generally an EA fault code is an easy fault to diagnose for somebody competent and it is highly likely that any spare parts required will be part of their van stock.

If you have an EA fault code showing on your boiler and you’re unmake to reset it or you’d like to discuss preventative measures to prevent your condensate pipe freezing call us on 01752 957729