Buying a cheap boiler!

Quite often buying a new boiler can come as an unexpected expense and the thought of being without heating and hot water, particularly throughout the winter can be worrying. Wether it’s coming home to a nice warm house and having a relaxing soak in a hot bath, we can all be guilty of taking these comforts for granted and forget about the boiler that is working away every day of the year.

So your search begins to replace the unsung hero of home comforts and no doubt you will have come across some cheaper boiler models with prices that appear appealing. While the price may be attractive, you may want to think twice before having one of these cheap boilers installed. Often the short-term savings are not worth it and can soon hit you in the pocket time and time again. The cliche ‘you get what you pay for’ couldn’t be truer when it comes to buying a new boiler and doing your research will show you the benefits of spending a little extra on a new boiler.

Cheap boiler advantage
The only real advantage to having a cheap boiler installed is the up front cost saving. If your boiler needs replacing as an emergency and your budget is tight then this could be the sensible choice rather than putting yourself under financial difficulties. Price differences between top end boiler brands and the lesser models can vary quite a bit and sometimes be 50% cheaper. Be warned though as a budget boiler is only a short-term solution. If you’re looking to replace a boiler in a property where you are only planning to live for only a couple of years a cheaper boiler is a great short-term solution. Quite often property developers will install a cheap boiler to maximise profits

The downside to a cheap boiler installation
Manufacturers’ warranties offered with cheaper brands are considerably shorter and generally come with conditions that make it very difficult to get a repair carried out free of charge.
The cheaper boilers don’t go through the same research and development as the better brands like Worcester Bosch so faults aren’t foreseen and rectified before the boiler is fitted in your home
The quality of the components aren’t always brilliant. It’s essential for all boilers to come with the most reliable and energy-efficient components that can cope with everyday use, in cheaper boilers this is not always the case. The parts used for cheap boilers are more likely to show signs of wear and tear at an early stage and put your boiler at a higher risk of an early breakdown.
Cheaper boilers tend to be larger in size and can take up more space in your home, which is generally due to the use of more low cost parts and lower quality manufacturing.
One of the most significant disadvantages of cheaper boilers is the lower efficiency rating. You could come face-to-face with higher energy bills with a low-energy rated boiler. A more expensive boiler will be more future proof with reduced energy consumption and a reduced cost to run. You should also consider your carbon footprint and how a cheaper boiler could increase your footprint.
Less of a warranty – cheap boilers are less reliable and will come with a shorter warranty period. Most recommended manufacturers will offer a standard warranty, which can be extended with the use of a manufacturer-approved installer. However, if you did go for a cheaper deal that includes the boiler and installation you may will not be getting value for money.
A low cost boiler won’t have be designed to include noise reducing components and will make much more noise. You’ll notice with a high-quality boiler that they will spend more time to reduce noise output and work toward a Quiet Mark status for their boilers.
When the cheap boiler does fail the replacement parts generally are a lot more expensive than the better boiler brands. They can also be very difficult to source and sometimes be no stock available in the uk.

So before you decide to purchase your new boiler it’s worth listing up all of the advantages and disadvantages of a new boiler and estimating the total overall lifetime cost.

Investing in a better boiler brand like Worcester Bosch is more affordable than you may think. At GA Services we are able to offer our customers flexible payment options to help you spread the cost of your new boiler. So instead of viewing it as an upfront purchase cost you can budget monthly.

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