Getting an online boiler quote

The digital revolution as it is being called is really having a huge effect on the heating industry as a whole and it is important that local boiler installation companies adapt to the very fast changing market. Customer demands and expectations are changing and the desire for instant answers to questions has become so strong that we must give customers what they want.

Traditionally boiler replacement quotes were carried out by a heating engineer in your home. Firstly you would call up and book a visit and the engineer would look at your current installation and find out your heating and hot water needs and recommend the best product for you and your families needs.

Now a lot of websites, including our own, have online quoting tools where you can answer a series of questions about your home and it will generate an instant price with various options of boiler depending on your budget. This is great, however, it is important to remember that the prices are an indication and each property is different and there are various factors that can increase the price and these can only be identified by carrying out a survey of your home.

Advantages of Online Boiler Quotes!

  • Online boiler quotes can be generated within seconds! Simply answer a few questions about your home, a few clicks and you have your options.
  • This saves a lot of time and is a very convenient way to get an indicative price. You don’t need to be home and available to show people around, answer questions or discuss what needs to be done, with each engineer option. It is much more convenient for everyone.
  • You can do it anytime or anywhere, rather than working around office hours or when you are free. Even if you’re a night owl you can get your boiler quote in the early hours of the morning!
  • It gives the opportunity to carry out price comparisons of local and national boiler installation companies in a very quick timeframe
  • You can identify the best rated boiler installers by checking out their customer reviews. Any reputable boiler installer will have plenty of reviews available online.

We think online boiler quoting tools are great as they give you what you need in a very quick time and can save a lot of time if you’re unsure if you’re in a position to proceed further. What we would say is that take them as a very rough estimate and don’t use them as a substitute to the thorough on site survey but more as in addition. Not every home is the same and not every family has the same heating and hot water needs so it is important to get your investment right.

If you’d like to discuss your needs for a boiler replacement please call us on 01752 957729