How long should my boiler last?

With your gas boiler being the heart of your homes comforts, the thought of being without any heating or hot water can be quite frightful.
The questions start in your head, can it be fixed?
When can a gas engineer call out?
How much will it cost?
Do I need a new boiler?

It’s a good idea to get an understanding of your gas boiler, its current age, what maintenance it has had an its estimated life span. Now this is not always easy information to ascertain as it may be the case that the boiler installation was carried out prior to living in your home.

Really, a good gas boiler that is well maintained and serviced every year I would expect to last approximately 15 years. The key to maintaining the lifespan of your boiler is regular maintenance. Regular boiler servicing, every 12 months, is so important and that is why boiler manufacturers insist this is carried out as a condition of the boiler warranty. By getting the boiler serviced every 12 months it gives the gas engineer opportunity to carry out important maintenance on the installation to ensure it is running safely and efficiently. Also it is an opportunity to identify areas of the boiler the may fail in the future to prevent total boiler failure leaving you without heating and hot water.

When replacing your boiler it is important to do your research to make sure the boiler installation you are having is suitable to your home and your personal needs. By discussing this with a heating expert you can find the perfect fit that will last.

A boiler is a big investment and it is important to get it right. If you’d like to discuss your heating needs please call us on 01752 957729