Plumbers Merchants, stuck in the past

The heating suppliers we use have a huge impact on the level of service we can deliver to our customers. One of our core values is to be responsive, so If we have emergency boiler repairs it so important than we attend, quickly diagnose the boiler fault, source the parts and get the boiler up and running all within one visit. Sometimes this is not always possible and we have to order boiler spares for the following day and this is where we can be let down. On occasions parts don’t turn up on time or the wrong part many have been ordered and it leaves us in the difficult position of not being able to deliver the level of service we believe our customers deserve.

We also deliver a responsive boiler replacement service where we provide same day quotations and will also install a new gas boiler within 48 hours of a quote being accepted. This is great and we have had many customers who have benefited from the rapid boiler installations. However it does come with frustrating pressures when we need material prices back from our suppliers so we can get the accurate fixed price boiler quotes to our customers on the same day. Also delivery of the boilers can also prove to be a problem. Obviously we need the new boilers delivered early AM on installation day, certainly no later than 10am and this can prove to be difficult as everybody else needs this service too.

We provide a premium service and we make promises to our customers that we will deliver an exceptional level of service on every job, everyday. Supplier issues have nothing to do with our customers and its our responsibility to ensure we are using suppliers than can match our standards of service delivery, provide value for money and repeat this day in day out. Recently we found that we were being let down and made the decision to swap suppliers. We will not accept poor service and will not deliver poor service to our customers. The typical plumbers merchants need to move with the times and embrace the digital revolution. A business they can all learn from is Screwfix. We can log in online see all the prices instantly, the local stock levels that are available and orders can be placed for collection or delivery so the engineer doesn’t have to wait for someone to search for it in the warehouse. Deliveries can be arranged for 2 hour time slots and they’re service delivery is excellent. This is all to do with the systems they have in place. The merchants that do make this change will certainly prosper but they need to get moving.