Plymouth Half Marathon

Well what a day it was yesterday for the Plymouth half marathon. The weather was amazing and it makes Plymouth look so much more beautiful when the sun is shining.
Well done to all of the runners who took part in the gruelling run. I remember the first time I ran the Plymouth half marathon and the weather was similar to it was yesterday. It’s a difficult run with the hills we have in this city but certainly the most difficult part for me was the final run up to Plymouth Hoe from the Barbican. It seemed to go on forever and my legs were like lead. Every time I took the bend I thought this is it and then the was another bend. It really was the support of the crowds cheering you an that get you up that hill and to the finish line. So that is one place I like to stand as a spectator and try and help people get to the finish line in their best possible time.

It’s such a well organised event and all of the volunteers who help handing out drinks and sweets deserve a big thank you. Another memory was running up Billacombe Road, Plymstock and there were lines of children handing out jelly babies and sweets to runners and it just proves how important this event is to this cities community.

Although I didn’t take part this year it always is a time of regret when you turn up on race day and take in the atmosphere. The money that is raised for charity is incredible and it is so great the effort people go to to help others. My reason for running it was to raise money for a friends son who has cerebral palsy. The aim was to raise £100,000 so he could go to America for an operation on his spine which they managed to achieve. He has now had his operation and is able to walk aided with a frame and its great to see.

For me personally I prefer to raise for a charity of an individual so I can really see the difference it has made to an individuals life. I am going to be taking part in the Plymouth triathlon in September and will be looking to raise money for an individual who needs the help locally in Devon and Cornwall. We are looking to get a team of us together to participate. So if you have any suggestions for a charity it will be appreciated and if you’d like to join our team get in touch.