You may have been told you need a power flush because your boiler is broken or you’re having a new boiler installed and you’re being recommended to have a power flush. But what is a powerflush and is it necessary?

A powerflush is the process of cleaning a central heating system and boiler by removing the sludge, dirt and debris that can build up. A powerflushing machine is basically a large pump that can circulate large volumes of water around the heating system at a high pressure to force the stubborn sludge away. Leaving your heating system clear to circulate the heat efficiently.

Why would you need a powerflush?
If you find your radiators are cold at the bottom and hot at the top this is normally a sign of a sludge build up at the bottom of the radiators and these cold spots mean you’re not getting the maximum performance for your boiler and heating. Also if your boiler is cutting out a lot or make a lot of noise can be a sign a system flush is needed.

Another way to test is by taking a sample of the water in your heating system and carrying out a test to check the quality of the water. This can then identify the level of flush required.

A more modern way is also to use thermal imaging cameras which give a really good picture of where the cold spots and blockages are.

Is powerflushing worth it?
Yes. Poor quality water in your heating system will wreck any boiler. Even if you choose a top boiler brand they won’t be immune to poor quality water. If you’re replacing your boiler it is certainly worth doing to protect your new investment. Manufacturers of boilers are now giving longer boiler warranties but these long warranties come with conditions. Many manufacturers are known to void boiler warranties for sludge in the system. All boiler service plans also do not cover faults caused by sludge.

If you’re being told you need a powerflush then it is very wise to have the work carried out. The cost of a powerflush is approximately £400-500 which is expensive to pay out on top of the cost of a new boiler installation but it wall save you so much more money and inconvenience in the long run.

A more cost effective way of flailing a heating system is a magnacleanse which can be just as effective as powerflushing so it may be worth speaking to your heating engineer about a magnacleanse flush.

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