The Future of Gas Boilers

There has been a lot of talk recently about the future of gas boilers, with the government sending a message out that gas central heating systems and boilers will no longer be installed in to new build homes from 2025. With the hope of reducing fuel bills and lowering carbon emissions. After speaking to a lot of our customers there seems to be a bit of confusion as to the life of the gas boilers in their existing homes.

Your current gas boiler in your home is perfectly fine and efficient and there is currently some exciting research being carried out to help reduce our carbon footprint and will also allow us to keep and reuse our existing gas boilers.

Tests our currently being carried out at Keele university where there is a mix of natural gas with 20% of hydrogen. With these tests being carried out on the university campus’ existing boilers and other gas appliances and a successful test period would mean we can keep our existing boilers and have a huge impact on our carbon footprint. It is estimated that it will be the equivalent of removing 2.5 million cars off of the roads.

With this information in mind now is as good of a time as any to have your existing boiler upgraded with a new high efficiency boiler and benefit from a huge 10 manufacturers parts and labour guarantee. If you’d like to discuss your boiler options and arrange a free home survey then please call us on 01752 957729