What size boiler do I need for my home?

This is not a question that refers to the physical size of your boiler and its dimensions but it’s about the heat output it can deliver in kilowatts (KW).

An easy way to fund out how many KW’s you need can be to look at the size of your existing boiler. If you’re happy with the way it has performed for your heating and hot water needs then it is highly likely to be the correct size and would be wise to replace it with a boiler that is the same KW. So if you have a 30KW boiler and you’re happy with it then it would be wise to get another 30KW boiler.

Another way to calculate what size boiler you need is to count how many radiators you have in your home. Generally a rule of thumb is to allow 1.5KW per radiator. So if you have 10 radiators then you need roughly 15kw for you heating need. If it is a combi boiler then this needs to be taken in to account as well because you need to calculate you requirements for hot water. The smallest Combi boilers available are 24kw and will deliver approximately 10 litre’s per minute. You may wish to have a better flow rate thank this as you have a mixer shower or even 2 showers,

These are just rough guides and are not definite. You can use the boiler quoting tool to answer a few simple questions about your home and this will give you an instant quote for the price of boiler you need. The new thing to do though is to have a visit from a heating expert who can visit your home in Plymouth and carry out the necessary checks to determine the best boiler for your home and your needs.

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